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Wahl & Partner GmbH

Who we are:

Wahl & Partner GmbH was founded in 2006 and is an independent privately owned consulting management and investment firm.

According to our Slogan „enable – manage – invest“ we define ourselves as consultants, managers and entrepreneurs to generate sustainable financial returns while contributing to an open, fair an healthy society.


The main focus is to provide management capabilities as well as consulting and advisory services preferably to "Cleantech" businesses and financial institutions.


We build, manage and focus on four primary sectors:

  • Cleantech, Energy
  • Agro Food chain
  • Fin Tech with Impact

Our partners and customers are start-ups, small and medium enterprises, corporates, private investors as well as banks and institutional investors primarily in German speaking Europe and in Central and Eastern Europe.


Building on our experience and networks, we understand global market dynamics and corresponding challenges; which underline our capability to build strong sustainable and innovative solutions.


What we do is „Enable – Manage – Invest“:

Our broad international experience in building and managing start-ups, SMEs and projects will successfully be turned into an actively managed „buy and hold investment portfolio“.


We participate as active mentors and business angels to provide tailored financing solutions and professional management capacities sourced from our partner network which consists of experienced professionals with diverse skillsets and experience, including venture captial, private equity, engineering, corporate management, investment banking and consultancy garnered from various industries.´


…and generate a positive impact on society:

The main driver of our mission is a sustained increase in the value of our investments; combined with a low ecological footprint and to make a positive contribution to an open, fair and healty society.

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations serve as the main guiding principles:



By the year of 2030 380 million job shall have been created worldwide by changing the current World Economy into an Impact Economy which will require investment funds of  an incredible USD 12 trillion.


At once we consider this as an enormous opportunity as well as a challenge. Despite these abstract global targets we can contribute at a company level to reduce carbon and production waste, by simultaneously increasing resource and energy efficiencies as well as developing affordable therapeutic solutions for our Health System.


A positive Impact can contribute as a value driver on different levels of society:

Self: meaningful job, work-life balance

Company: energy and resource efficiency, talent-attraction, social welfare, sustainable growth

Community: gender equality, social coherence

Planet: sustainability, peace